Low-Carb, High-Fat Considered the Best Diet Plan

For years now, people who are into weight loss are looking for the best diet plans that would best suit their needs. More often than not, they would get the same advice: eat less, move more, and cut fat. Thus, they’ve bought fat-free snacks, as well as gadgets that promised to help them burn calories while just sitting on the couch; as a matter of fact, they even bought calorie counters. There is one problem though: according to Biz News, the world’s waistlines keep getting bigger.

Professor Tim Noakes, a sports scientist, organized the first low carb, high fat diet summit in Cape Town. The event has speakers in the weight loss industry including 21 Day Fix by Beachbody, as well as several researchers and physicians; to address the problem of obesity.

21 Day Fix by Beachbody

The result of the summit developed a consensus that reveals their conclusion regarding what is really effective for weight loss.

The scientists concluded, “The mainstream dietary advice that we are currently giving the world has simply not worked. This advice has failed because it completely ignores the history of why and how human nutrition has developed over the past 3 million years. More importantly, it refuses to acknowledge the presence of insulin resistance (carbohydrate intolerance) as the single most prevalent biological state in modern humans eating according to those current dietary guidelines which promote low fat and high carbohydrate intakes.”

The scientists and researchers have emphasized that people suffering from insulin resistance have high risk for serious health problems when they follow the low-fat high-carb standard dietary recommendations.

According to Dr. Aseem Malhotra, an interventional cardiologist that works with the Action on Sugar group, sugar and not butter or beef is the cause of obesity and diabetes.

In 20015, Jimmy Moore defied the advice of his physicians to go on a fat-free and high-carb diet. Instead, he went on a high-fat, low-carb diet which led him to his Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb movement. He and R. Eric Westman, who also went to the summit, wrote a book, entitled “Keto Clarity”, about how the high-fat, low-carb diet plan saved Jimmy’s life.

Ketogenic diets, or low-carb high-fat diet plans, are created to make the body enter into a fat-burning mode. It is important, however, to know the difference between nutritional ketosis (which is advocated by various weight loss plans) and ketoacidosis (which is a serious medical condition).

Dr. Lagakos said, “Chronic ketosis doesn’t dissolve bones, deteriorate cognitive function, or break your metabolism.”

Skin Picking included in DSM-5

Each one of us has our own way of coping with stress; some may deal with it in a healthy way, while others don’t. According to a psychologist in Calgary, about 5 to 7% of the population deals with stress by skin picking.

Skin picking, otherwise known as “dermatillomania”, was included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in May 2013. This condition is classified as a body-focused repetitive behavior, wherein those who suffer it spend a significant time of the day picking at their own skin to the extent that it causes skin damage. In fact, in most cases, they focus on their face but it may involve other body parts as well.

Dr. Corrick Woodfin, a registered psychologist, is among the 3 registered psychologists in Canada who knows how to treat hair pulling disorders. According to him, there are only few treatment methods and the shame related with skin picking disorder are what actually motivated him to learn more about how to treat the condition.

Woodfin said, “In a city the size of Calgary, we know that there are 20,000 to 30,000 people that experience skin picking disorder. That’s probably an underrepresentation, because people don’t tend to report it or seek treatment”. He said that about 25% of his clients are currently consisting of dermatillomania sufferers.

A free-lance writer based in Calgary, Danielle Roberts, suffered from this skin picking disorder for more than a decade. The condition was triggered when she was 17, when a friend pointed at a spot on her shoulder and told her to squeeze it. That came during a stressful time in her life; and for Roberts, the reward and the stress relief associated with the behavior was instant.

Robert said, “The sensations before picking can range from extreme and intense anxiety to being completely unaware of what I’m doing. While I’m picking, I am extremely focused on the task at hand. I’m remarkably determined to ‘fix’ whatever imperfection I’ve focused on. It feels so relieving when I feel that I’ve fixed something, but afterwards, I feel shameful, ugly, and frustrated. Logically, I know that I’m not fixing anything and actually making my skin worse, but impulse and belief are not ones I’ve yet been able to get away from.”

It was once thought that the origins of skin picking disorder stems from obsessive-compulsive disorder. However it still remains to be understood, according to Woodfin.

Woodfin added, “The understanding that we’ve got is that it’s far more complex than simply an impulse disorder – in terms of etiology. We know that it likely has a genetic component. With research and our understanding now, this is very much a disorder in its own right.”

He says that although those who suffer with OCD hate the process of their impulsive behaviors, those with dermatillomania, on the other hand, find pleasure in their behavior.

He further added that the most challenging thing about treating the disorder is that although therapies are directed to stress management, it can also activate a stressor.

Note that Woodfin makes use of various treatments not to cure his clients, but to help them manage their impulses. While habit reversal training was frequently used over the years, his main treatments involve cognitive behavioral therapy.

He further added, “It takes a great deal of effort from the individual to want to try and manage this, but if they’re willing then what we can work towards is effective management, so that the client is aware of their triggers, they’re aware of what maintains the problem and they’re aware of how to target it.”

Brains of People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are more accustomed to disappointment. The cause is still unknown and is difficult to diagnose. Treatment options are few. Researchers suggest a few years ago that an infection from a mouse virus may have caused it. But under closer scrutiny, this suggestion has fallen apart.

Many patients who suffer from this condition are advised to see a psychologist, though treatment options need improvement. A few weeks ago, an investigator from Stanford and another from a Japanese research team published their discovery of how a patient’s brain with this type of syndrome differs from a normal brain. The discovery strengthens the argument that serious physiological dysfunctions are the root cause of this condition.

Leonard Jason, a psychologist from DePaul University in Chicago who studies this condition, states that there must be something serious going on inside the brain and that it should not be taken lightly. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also called myalgic encephalomyelitis and is widely known as ME/CFS.

However, these studies need further research before firm conclusions can be drawn. Still, other studies have been conducted in relation to this condition and were presented at scientific conferences this year. Results also show physiological dysfunctions in these patients.


The most striking finding in the most recent study was that people with the disorder possess one neural tract in the white matter at the right hemisphere that is abnormally shaped, as if cable-like nerve structures had crisscrossed. Furthermore, the most seriously ill patients show greatest levels of abnormality.

Patients were also found to have a thickening of the gray matter at the two points of the right hemisphere connected by this particular neural tract. And the overall volume of white matter in the brains of patients was reduced, compared to people without the disorder.

In other brain studies, PET scans of nine people were compared to those of ten people. They reported widespread cerebral inflammations in the patients, and those with severe condition had more inflammation.

The relationship between the symptoms and the findings are still unclear. If borne out by further studies, it could eventually serve as biological and diagnostic markers for this illness. For the meantime, let us take care of ourselves and our brain by taking nutritious food and performing daily exercise. Take food supplement specific for enhancing brain functions that also protects neurons from degradation and improves mood, such as the known brain supplement neuroflexyn.

Women at Increased Risk for Heart Disease Compared to Men

Young women, ages 18 to 55 year old, represent only 35,000 of 720,000 cases of heart attack in the US every year. However, it is more difficult for them to attain full recover. Why? Because of stress.

Stress is one of the modifiable risk factors that are associated with heart disease along with unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Taking time to de-stress and practicing healthy habit, such as using the Volcano vaporizer instead of cigarette smoking, is the key to preventing such life-threatening condition.

A study conducted by Yale University published in this month’s journal of the American Heart Association had found that women who survive from heart attack are in worse shape after a month compared to their male counterparts. They experience more chest pain, less physical function, and a relatively lower life quality. Aside from that, they are also more likely to report higher levels of mental stress.

the Volcano vaporizer

According to the report, women who suffer heart attack were more likely to have conflicts with in the family, injury, illness or death of a family member, or an illness of their own. However, with men, not so much; more often than not, they’d attribute their condition to stressors at work, as well as their finances.

Although it may seem stereotyping, but women have always been tangled with the emotional stress of their families; and they’d actually find it hard to just let go of those burdens. Men, on the other hand, worry about work and finances; but they are less likely to become empathetic with their family and close friends.  However, majority of the women are also in the workforce; and they can be exposed to the stressors experienced by men.

Dr. Michael Miller, a professor of medicine at University of Maryland School of Medicine and the director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology, said “Women, if you think about it, are being hit from a lot of different angles. Women are emotionally invested at home and at work, compared to men. They are expending more energy.”

Stress is no longer a new concept of worry in terms of physical wellbeing. It affects your cardiovascular health and there are actually tools and tests to determine just how much it affects your health.

The author of “Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”, Dr. Miller, said, “You can actually look at the arterial stiffness and find it vastly different from the chronological age. A 45-year-old woman might have the arteries of a 65-year-old. These new tools can unmask the real risk you face.”

Stress can affect blood pressure, heart rhythms, and plaque buildup. And due to the stress levels of women, they are more at risk for developing heart disease compared to men.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Because of its soothing and cooling properties, many people refer to aloe vera as a sunburn relief plant. Throughout history, it has been used externally to help ease the discomfort of sunburns, minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Aloe vera actually comes in many different forms, but the most common use of the plant is in the form of a topical gel. Unknown to many, aloe vera has many other uses apart from relieving burns. Let me share to you some of these uses and benefits.


It helps treat cold sores, blisters and insect bites. Apart from its soothing and cooling properties, aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory properties. Pure aloe gel is also antibacterial so it can be used to disinfect. When applied directly to the affected area, it also helps soothe pain and regenerate cells to promote faster healing.


It is a good alternative treatment for hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and hair loss. To use it, just rub and comb small amounts through your hair and scalp as if you were putting your commercial hair gel.


It helps reduce inflammation and pain when applied directly to damaged or diseased gums. It also helps fight tooth decay, plaque and cavities when used regularly. Make it a part of your dental hygiene regimens.


Aloe vera gel is known to contain beneficial ingredients that are good for the eyes. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C B12, E and minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, proteins and amino acids. These nutrients are vital in restoring your eyes’ youthful looks. You can use it as a moisturizer or as an alternative to your commercial eye cream to stimulate collagen formation around your eye area.


The soothing and cooling properties of aloe gel can help reduce muscle inflammation and pain. Apply it directly on the affected areas along with a cold compress two to three times a day.


Aloe vera has natural anti-fungal properties and can help clear up candidiasis and diaper rash. To use it to treat Candida infections and diaper rash, apply it topically on the affected area. Aloe vera gel is generally safe when applied topically, so there is no reason for you to feel iffy on applying it on your private parts.

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

The growth of cancerous cells is usually hard to fend off. At times they multiply so incredulously that even medical science finds it hard to contain them. They grow by dividing beyond normal limits, invading and destroying adjacent issues and spreading through blood. Medical Science has adopted many methods to stop cancerous growth which includes the likes of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy etc. The method that gets used depends on the stage the cancer has grown to.

Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda is not heard of that often. However, times are changing. People are waking up to the miracles Ayurveda has performed in the past. They have started believing in the Ayurvedic Treatment toward Cancer.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer includes the use of the DARF Therapy. It helps fight off chemo toxicity. The Pre-Chemotherapy 3 Days package with DARF Ayurvedic Medicine helps prevent side effects. Other ingredients in the Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda include Fresh Coriander Juice with specific DARF Medicines, Ayurvedic Antacids, Emollients, and Blood Coolants etc.

Possible Mucolitis is reduced by regularizing and strengthening GI Tract. These are also called as Rasayana Drugs. The Matra-Basti is the other group of drugs and therapy applied through the Anus to double the effect. The Group-1 medicine Matra-Basti and Snehan therapy is applied again once the CT scan is completed.

Vardhman Matra Prayog, also known as Steroidal Pattern Dose Therapy, is administered with to the patient. This forms the core of Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda. This helps restore Leukocyte Count, Hemoglobin etc. Also included in this Ayurvedic Treatment are the chemotherapeutic agent and Ayurvedic Medicine. 

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

The technical procedure through Ayurveda has been described well in the third paragraph with the fourth and fifth one being more focused on the medicines used to fight off all the cancerous cells. This is how Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Sciences fight off the growth of Cancer, subdue cancerous cells and ensure the disease is finished off indefinitely once and for all and weeded out of the human system.

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

Ayurveda makes use of Panchakarma. This art of healing cancerous growth includes the five golden stages, notably Emesis, Purgation, Enema, and Nasal Application of herbal remedies and Blood-letting.

By following the three suggestions mentioned below, patients can do wonders for them and fight off this potentially fatal disease palpitating inside them:

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

* Patients ought to take supplements to increase hydrochloric acid levels.
* They ought to eat spicy foods to stimulate gastric injuries.
* They ought to consume digestive bitters to ensure the food moves quickly through the digestive system before toxins start piling up big time.

Do this and see how the growth of cancerous cells within your system diminishes and how steadily the whole disease gets weeded out of your body. This is the best available treatment and cure for cancer as it ensures the disease is annihilated of you once and for all. The process is gradual. Expecting overnight results or results within a week would be a big mistake. One ought to be patient and see the wonders that come forth. 

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

The effects of lung cancer on the patient’s body can differ according to the type and stage of the disease. However, studies are now focused towards the impact of treatments intended to cure the disease in patients.

Although these have been recognized as temporary effects only, it still does produce enough good to the health of the patients.

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

What Are The Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments?

Since the treatment for the disease is essential to keep the cancer cells under control, several patients have overlooked the possible harm it can bring to their health. These are some of the more common treatment options for lung cancer.

1) Surgical Treatment

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

Effects of lung cancer treatment such as surgeries can often bring in more harm to the patient. Since it is a major operation, it exposes your chest area into the possibility of collecting air and fluid into it.

Among the side effects known for lung cancer patients who have recently undergone surgery is difficulty in turning over, deep breathing, or even coughing. Since patients typically go through these activities, recovery might be slow.

Activities such as deep breathing or coughing are essential elements in recovery since they enable extra air or fluid out of your lung area.

Among the most common conditions cited shortly after undergoing lung cancer surgery include pain in your chest area or arms, and shortness of breath. It might need a week or two before a patient can find relief from such side effects.

2) Chemotherapy

When it comes to the side effects produced by this type of treatment for lung cancer, it varies according to the type and amount of drugs given the patient.

The hazard comes in since chemotherapy does not solely target cancer cells, but also affect normal cells as well. Below are common side effects experienced by patients treated with chemotherapy:

• vomiting/nausea
• feeling of fatigue
• presence of mouth sores
• hair loss

3) Radiation Therapy

The effects of lung cancer treatments such as radiation therapy stems from the fact that, like chemotherapy, it affects your normal cells. As opposed to the type of drug used in chemotherapy, this one depends on the particular part of the body being treated and the amount of dosage.

Common side effects include the following: sore or dry throat, hard time swallowing, changes in the skin of the area of treatment, appetite loss, headaches, problems with memory retention, etc.

4) Photodynamic Therapy

This particular therapy sets its limits on the normal routine activities of a patient who has undergone this treatment. For six weeks or more proceeding the treatment, the patient’s skin and eyes becomes hypersensitive to light.

Therefore, direct contact with sunlight must be avoided if possible, even indoors. Hence, protective clothing must be worn if the patient were to go outside.

Other entailing conditions of photodynamic therapy include difficulty swallowing, coughing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

Although the conditions cited above are often considered temporary, they must not be taken lightly. Instead, you need to see your doctor if you notice some of the side effects of lung cancer treatments continue to persist.

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

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Effective Cancer Treatments Used To Fight This Disease – Health

Advanced technology is now available and is being used for the treatment of cancer and these treatment methods help in restoring good health. They make it possible for patients to get back to a normal routine in their lives. Different types of treatments:

Chemotherapy – This is an effective form of treatment, wherein the cells are prevented from reproducing and multiplying further. However, in the process, normal cells may also be destroyed. Cancer cells need to be destroyed without harming the normal cells to maintain a proper balance.

Radiation – In the process of radiation, a powerful beam of energy waves is used for the purpose of killing the cells. Radiation therapy is commonly used with other types of treatment like surgery for the purpose of destroying these cells completely.

Surgery – With the help of surgery, different types of cancer can be cured. The part affected by cancer is removed and also the surrounding tissues are eliminated so that it does not grow further. After surgery, radiation therapy may be used to eliminate cells completely.

Targeted Therapy – This is a new type of treatment for cancer. Drugs are used in this form of treatment, which helps in specifically removing the cancer cells.

Transplantation – A bone marrow transplant may also be considered. It is an amazing remedy for cancer, in which the new tissues replace the cells affected by cancer.

Various other treatments used for treating cancer include laetrile treatment, ozone treatment, allogenic lymphocite therapy and many more. A doctor will determine the best treatment for cancer to help fight this disease.

Most cancer treatments can be painful, and this is why it is the job of a doctor to help prepare their patient mentally and emotionally for treatment. A patient requires a lot of hand holding and empathy during their treatment and the doctor should be able to provide this. The doctor should be sensitive enough to understand what their patient might be feeling. Treatment may result in the loss of an organ. In these cases the first concern of the doctor should be to treat the cancer and the second concern should be organ conservation. If a doctor is dealing with a terminal patient, he or she should be even more empathetic and sensitive towards the feelings of their patient. It’s not just knowledge that is needed for successful treatment but also compassion and care.

Choice Cancer Care is among the busiest practices in the country for brachytherapy, or prostate seed implant therapy – a cancer treatment plan for prostate cancer that provides remarkable success rates and fewer life-limiting side effects.

What Changes You Should Really Make For A Healthy Life?

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are suffering from diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The worst thing is that these kinds of diseases are caused by some wrong lifestyle and people are not making any effort to change it. For instance there need to be some changes in your eating habit and exercise pattern in order to lower the risk of developing such diseases. You should continue reading this article if you want to learn more on this topic.

What Changes You Should Really Make For A Healthy Life?

First of all it is necessary that you simply pay attention to your eating habit. It’s a fact that nowadays individuals consume some highly processed food containing plenty of salt and oil which can eventually cause plenty of health conditions. Changing to a balanced diet where you will be eating a lot of fresh vegetables could be truly interesting. For instance you could be enjoying a decrease in the amount of your cholesterol. It might be also crucial for you to lower your consumption of alcohol as well. Even in parties you can even get non alcoholic drinks to savor. This post (available in French only) on non-alcoholic drink ( cocktail sans alcool ) should be worth taking a look should you require learning more about this.

The second thing that you might consider is the quantity of physical exercises that you have. People hardly have time to workout currently and lead a pretty much non-active lifestyle. If you really want to have a proper life it is vital that you get rid of such bad habit. For those that find themselves lacking time then they might consider exercising at home by swimming for instance. Swimming pools are not that expensive anymore and should be rather useful for you to consider. You can follow us at our French site on pool kit ( Kit piscine ) to be able to find out more about this.

What Changes You Should Really Make For A Healthy Life?

It is also important that you learn how to manage your stress if you need to lead a proper life. Indeed today with the current pace at which we are living we can become very easily stressed. You must give yourself some time to relax and to rid yourself of all pressures. Treatments such as aromatherapy may also be helpful to enhance your quality of life. Recently I have come across this French document on essential oil ( diffuseur huile essentielle ) and should prove quite fascinating for you to look over.

With more and more people developing diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases it is becoming important for people to look for ways in order to prevent these problems. Fortunately there are some simple ways that exist and that may be useful to help you deal with these problems. I hope that the small tips given in this article has been useful and that you have enjoyed reading this article.

Where Did Western Medicine Fail?

The science of healing has gone a long way and with the advance of modern science and industrialization, we can say that we have made astounding breakthroughs in the field of medicine. We have made amazing discoveries about microscopic organisms and viruses.

Where Did Western Medicine Fail?

Modern medicine has meticulously studied virus and bacteria and how to counter disease. We cannot now open up the human body in complicated surgical procedures. We can now erase major diseases throughout the entire planet such as tuberculosis, leprosy, cholera. The truth of the matter is, modern medicine has increased the lifespan of the people all over the planet. Yet modern medicine is not without limits. It is in fact very limited in such a way that only alternative medicine can understand disease in its various aspects.

Yet there is also a downturn to this. Although we have already developed a lot of antibiotics to counter diseases, the bacteria and viruses have also mutated to actually create new and difficult strains. Right now the world is suffering from what is popularly known as swine virus where the exact origin of the virus still remains a mystery. Another backlash is that we have become so fixated in the physicality of health and disease that there are many types of diseases which are actually psychological and emotional that modern medicine cannot aptly diagnose. Western medicine has become so fixated in the physical to the point of neglecting the other aspects of disease which are equally important such as the spiritual aspects.

Where Did Western Medicine Fail?

In fact, the sickness of modern man is so prevalent and so obvious that modern medicine has yet to put a name to-spiritual emptiness, loneliness, lack of gusto, depression, low morale, stress. These are so prevalent in modern societies so that modern medicine relegates these to the realm of psychology. For example, in the East, there is the concept of the seven energy centers of man which are called chakras. Modern medicine has no name for this and so therefore has no tool to understanding these most important concepts. Profound meditation is sometimes reclassified by modern medicine as simply relaxation and stress management when there is infinitely more to it than what meets the eye. The concept of energy healing which is so prevalent in the East has no western counterpart. For example, the concept of Chi which is central to the age-old practice of acupuncture escapes western investigations. In China, they can operate a major surgery using only acupuncture needles to ease the pain. Yet Western Medicine has neither word nor definition for this type of phenomenon.

Western medicine has not even factored the role of emotion in disease. In fact, everybody knows that emotion can be felt physically such as happiness, love, depression and others. Yet modern medicine cannot and will not analyze that. It is limited only to analyzing the physical aspects.

In Japan, a Reiki master can literally direct the flow of healing energy through the chakras and effect a healing that can be statistically proven. Yet many doctors trained in the western tradition scoff at the idea. However when time comes when all else in western medicine have already failed, whom do they call? The practitioners in what they call "alternative medicine". Much to their surprise, some patients do really get healed!