Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Because of its soothing and cooling properties, many people refer to aloe vera as a sunburn relief plant. Throughout history, it has been used externally to help ease the discomfort of sunburns, minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Aloe vera actually comes in many different forms, but the most common use of the plant is in the form of a topical gel. Unknown to many, aloe vera has many other uses apart from relieving burns. Let me share to you some of these uses and benefits.


It helps treat cold sores, blisters and insect bites. Apart from its soothing and cooling properties, aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory properties. Pure aloe gel is also antibacterial so it can be used to disinfect. When applied directly to the affected area, it also helps soothe pain and regenerate cells to promote faster healing.


It is a good alternative treatment for hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and hair loss. To use it, just rub and comb small amounts through your hair and scalp as if you were putting your commercial hair gel.


It helps reduce inflammation and pain when applied directly to damaged or diseased gums. It also helps fight tooth decay, plaque and cavities when used regularly. Make it a part of your dental hygiene regimens.


Aloe vera gel is known to contain beneficial ingredients that are good for the eyes. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C B12, E and minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, proteins and amino acids. These nutrients are vital in restoring your eyes’ youthful looks. You can use it as a moisturizer or as an alternative to your commercial eye cream to stimulate collagen formation around your eye area.


The soothing and cooling properties of aloe gel can help reduce muscle inflammation and pain. Apply it directly on the affected areas along with a cold compress two to three times a day.


Aloe vera has natural anti-fungal properties and can help clear up candidiasis and diaper rash. To use it to treat Candida infections and diaper rash, apply it topically on the affected area. Aloe vera gel is generally safe when applied topically, so there is no reason for you to feel iffy on applying it on your private parts.

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

The growth of cancerous cells is usually hard to fend off. At times they multiply so incredulously that even medical science finds it hard to contain them. They grow by dividing beyond normal limits, invading and destroying adjacent issues and spreading through blood. Medical Science has adopted many methods to stop cancerous growth which includes the likes of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy etc. The method that gets used depends on the stage the cancer has grown to.

Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda is not heard of that often. However, times are changing. People are waking up to the miracles Ayurveda has performed in the past. They have started believing in the Ayurvedic Treatment toward Cancer.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer includes the use of the DARF Therapy. It helps fight off chemo toxicity. The Pre-Chemotherapy 3 Days package with DARF Ayurvedic Medicine helps prevent side effects. Other ingredients in the Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda include Fresh Coriander Juice with specific DARF Medicines, Ayurvedic Antacids, Emollients, and Blood Coolants etc.

Possible Mucolitis is reduced by regularizing and strengthening GI Tract. These are also called as Rasayana Drugs. The Matra-Basti is the other group of drugs and therapy applied through the Anus to double the effect. The Group-1 medicine Matra-Basti and Snehan therapy is applied again once the CT scan is completed.

Vardhman Matra Prayog, also known as Steroidal Pattern Dose Therapy, is administered with to the patient. This forms the core of Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda. This helps restore Leukocyte Count, Hemoglobin etc. Also included in this Ayurvedic Treatment are the chemotherapeutic agent and Ayurvedic Medicine. 

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

The technical procedure through Ayurveda has been described well in the third paragraph with the fourth and fifth one being more focused on the medicines used to fight off all the cancerous cells. This is how Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Sciences fight off the growth of Cancer, subdue cancerous cells and ensure the disease is finished off indefinitely once and for all and weeded out of the human system.

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

Ayurveda makes use of Panchakarma. This art of healing cancerous growth includes the five golden stages, notably Emesis, Purgation, Enema, and Nasal Application of herbal remedies and Blood-letting.

By following the three suggestions mentioned below, patients can do wonders for them and fight off this potentially fatal disease palpitating inside them:

Cancer Treatment- It can be cured naturally!

* Patients ought to take supplements to increase hydrochloric acid levels.
* They ought to eat spicy foods to stimulate gastric injuries.
* They ought to consume digestive bitters to ensure the food moves quickly through the digestive system before toxins start piling up big time.

Do this and see how the growth of cancerous cells within your system diminishes and how steadily the whole disease gets weeded out of your body. This is the best available treatment and cure for cancer as it ensures the disease is annihilated of you once and for all. The process is gradual. Expecting overnight results or results within a week would be a big mistake. One ought to be patient and see the wonders that come forth. 

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

The effects of lung cancer on the patient’s body can differ according to the type and stage of the disease. However, studies are now focused towards the impact of treatments intended to cure the disease in patients.

Although these have been recognized as temporary effects only, it still does produce enough good to the health of the patients.

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

What Are The Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments?

Since the treatment for the disease is essential to keep the cancer cells under control, several patients have overlooked the possible harm it can bring to their health. These are some of the more common treatment options for lung cancer.

1) Surgical Treatment

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

Effects of lung cancer treatment such as surgeries can often bring in more harm to the patient. Since it is a major operation, it exposes your chest area into the possibility of collecting air and fluid into it.

Among the side effects known for lung cancer patients who have recently undergone surgery is difficulty in turning over, deep breathing, or even coughing. Since patients typically go through these activities, recovery might be slow.

Activities such as deep breathing or coughing are essential elements in recovery since they enable extra air or fluid out of your lung area.

Among the most common conditions cited shortly after undergoing lung cancer surgery include pain in your chest area or arms, and shortness of breath. It might need a week or two before a patient can find relief from such side effects.

2) Chemotherapy

When it comes to the side effects produced by this type of treatment for lung cancer, it varies according to the type and amount of drugs given the patient.

The hazard comes in since chemotherapy does not solely target cancer cells, but also affect normal cells as well. Below are common side effects experienced by patients treated with chemotherapy:

• vomiting/nausea
• feeling of fatigue
• presence of mouth sores
• hair loss

3) Radiation Therapy

The effects of lung cancer treatments such as radiation therapy stems from the fact that, like chemotherapy, it affects your normal cells. As opposed to the type of drug used in chemotherapy, this one depends on the particular part of the body being treated and the amount of dosage.

Common side effects include the following: sore or dry throat, hard time swallowing, changes in the skin of the area of treatment, appetite loss, headaches, problems with memory retention, etc.

4) Photodynamic Therapy

This particular therapy sets its limits on the normal routine activities of a patient who has undergone this treatment. For six weeks or more proceeding the treatment, the patient’s skin and eyes becomes hypersensitive to light.

Therefore, direct contact with sunlight must be avoided if possible, even indoors. Hence, protective clothing must be worn if the patient were to go outside.

Other entailing conditions of photodynamic therapy include difficulty swallowing, coughing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

Although the conditions cited above are often considered temporary, they must not be taken lightly. Instead, you need to see your doctor if you notice some of the side effects of lung cancer treatments continue to persist.

Effects of Lung Cancer Treatments: The Terrible Side Effects

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Effective Cancer Treatments Used To Fight This Disease – Health

Advanced technology is now available and is being used for the treatment of cancer and these treatment methods help in restoring good health. They make it possible for patients to get back to a normal routine in their lives. Different types of treatments:

Chemotherapy – This is an effective form of treatment, wherein the cells are prevented from reproducing and multiplying further. However, in the process, normal cells may also be destroyed. Cancer cells need to be destroyed without harming the normal cells to maintain a proper balance.

Radiation – In the process of radiation, a powerful beam of energy waves is used for the purpose of killing the cells. Radiation therapy is commonly used with other types of treatment like surgery for the purpose of destroying these cells completely.

Surgery – With the help of surgery, different types of cancer can be cured. The part affected by cancer is removed and also the surrounding tissues are eliminated so that it does not grow further. After surgery, radiation therapy may be used to eliminate cells completely.

Targeted Therapy – This is a new type of treatment for cancer. Drugs are used in this form of treatment, which helps in specifically removing the cancer cells.

Transplantation – A bone marrow transplant may also be considered. It is an amazing remedy for cancer, in which the new tissues replace the cells affected by cancer.

Various other treatments used for treating cancer include laetrile treatment, ozone treatment, allogenic lymphocite therapy and many more. A doctor will determine the best treatment for cancer to help fight this disease.

Most cancer treatments can be painful, and this is why it is the job of a doctor to help prepare their patient mentally and emotionally for treatment. A patient requires a lot of hand holding and empathy during their treatment and the doctor should be able to provide this. The doctor should be sensitive enough to understand what their patient might be feeling. Treatment may result in the loss of an organ. In these cases the first concern of the doctor should be to treat the cancer and the second concern should be organ conservation. If a doctor is dealing with a terminal patient, he or she should be even more empathetic and sensitive towards the feelings of their patient. It’s not just knowledge that is needed for successful treatment but also compassion and care.

Choice Cancer Care is among the busiest practices in the country for brachytherapy, or prostate seed implant therapy – a cancer treatment plan for prostate cancer that provides remarkable success rates and fewer life-limiting side effects.

What Changes You Should Really Make For A Healthy Life?

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are suffering from diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The worst thing is that these kinds of diseases are caused by some wrong lifestyle and people are not making any effort to change it. For instance there need to be some changes in your eating habit and exercise pattern in order to lower the risk of developing such diseases. You should continue reading this article if you want to learn more on this topic.

What Changes You Should Really Make For A Healthy Life?

First of all it is necessary that you simply pay attention to your eating habit. It’s a fact that nowadays individuals consume some highly processed food containing plenty of salt and oil which can eventually cause plenty of health conditions. Changing to a balanced diet where you will be eating a lot of fresh vegetables could be truly interesting. For instance you could be enjoying a decrease in the amount of your cholesterol. It might be also crucial for you to lower your consumption of alcohol as well. Even in parties you can even get non alcoholic drinks to savor. This post (available in French only) on non-alcoholic drink ( cocktail sans alcool ) should be worth taking a look should you require learning more about this.

The second thing that you might consider is the quantity of physical exercises that you have. People hardly have time to workout currently and lead a pretty much non-active lifestyle. If you really want to have a proper life it is vital that you get rid of such bad habit. For those that find themselves lacking time then they might consider exercising at home by swimming for instance. Swimming pools are not that expensive anymore and should be rather useful for you to consider. You can follow us at our French site on pool kit ( Kit piscine ) to be able to find out more about this.

What Changes You Should Really Make For A Healthy Life?

It is also important that you learn how to manage your stress if you need to lead a proper life. Indeed today with the current pace at which we are living we can become very easily stressed. You must give yourself some time to relax and to rid yourself of all pressures. Treatments such as aromatherapy may also be helpful to enhance your quality of life. Recently I have come across this French document on essential oil ( diffuseur huile essentielle ) and should prove quite fascinating for you to look over.

With more and more people developing diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases it is becoming important for people to look for ways in order to prevent these problems. Fortunately there are some simple ways that exist and that may be useful to help you deal with these problems. I hope that the small tips given in this article has been useful and that you have enjoyed reading this article.

Where Did Western Medicine Fail?

The science of healing has gone a long way and with the advance of modern science and industrialization, we can say that we have made astounding breakthroughs in the field of medicine. We have made amazing discoveries about microscopic organisms and viruses.

Where Did Western Medicine Fail?

Modern medicine has meticulously studied virus and bacteria and how to counter disease. We cannot now open up the human body in complicated surgical procedures. We can now erase major diseases throughout the entire planet such as tuberculosis, leprosy, cholera. The truth of the matter is, modern medicine has increased the lifespan of the people all over the planet. Yet modern medicine is not without limits. It is in fact very limited in such a way that only alternative medicine can understand disease in its various aspects.

Yet there is also a downturn to this. Although we have already developed a lot of antibiotics to counter diseases, the bacteria and viruses have also mutated to actually create new and difficult strains. Right now the world is suffering from what is popularly known as swine virus where the exact origin of the virus still remains a mystery. Another backlash is that we have become so fixated in the physicality of health and disease that there are many types of diseases which are actually psychological and emotional that modern medicine cannot aptly diagnose. Western medicine has become so fixated in the physical to the point of neglecting the other aspects of disease which are equally important such as the spiritual aspects.

Where Did Western Medicine Fail?

In fact, the sickness of modern man is so prevalent and so obvious that modern medicine has yet to put a name to-spiritual emptiness, loneliness, lack of gusto, depression, low morale, stress. These are so prevalent in modern societies so that modern medicine relegates these to the realm of psychology. For example, in the East, there is the concept of the seven energy centers of man which are called chakras. Modern medicine has no name for this and so therefore has no tool to understanding these most important concepts. Profound meditation is sometimes reclassified by modern medicine as simply relaxation and stress management when there is infinitely more to it than what meets the eye. The concept of energy healing which is so prevalent in the East has no western counterpart. For example, the concept of Chi which is central to the age-old practice of acupuncture escapes western investigations. In China, they can operate a major surgery using only acupuncture needles to ease the pain. Yet Western Medicine has neither word nor definition for this type of phenomenon.

Western medicine has not even factored the role of emotion in disease. In fact, everybody knows that emotion can be felt physically such as happiness, love, depression and others. Yet modern medicine cannot and will not analyze that. It is limited only to analyzing the physical aspects.

In Japan, a Reiki master can literally direct the flow of healing energy through the chakras and effect a healing that can be statistically proven. Yet many doctors trained in the western tradition scoff at the idea. However when time comes when all else in western medicine have already failed, whom do they call? The practitioners in what they call "alternative medicine". Much to their surprise, some patients do really get healed!

Finding Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

With prostate cancer estimated to affect as many as 1 in 6 men, any new research developments that may affect treatment are extremely noteworthy. Because the risks of having prostate cancer increase dramatically with age, every generation is in a race against the clock to find the most effective treatment methods, or prevention methods, possible.

Recently a medical study on men with prostate cancer introduced very interesting news that contradicted some previously held beliefs in the medical community. Some physicians have withheld potentially curative treatment in older men because of a concern about side effects of radiation or surgery. Other physicians have used hormone therapy as a means of delaying cancer progression instead of offering potentially curative treatment.

This new study by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, however, suggests that drug treatment alone does not improve survival rates of men taking it, and might actually be hindering their improvement. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in July.

The prostate cancer information generated by this article studied about 20,000 men, including Medicare patients, whose prostate cancer had not spread to other areas of the body. The study took 6 years to complete, as information was gathered and the men were studied. All study participants were over the age of 66, which means that the data drawn from the study is particularly relevant to older men, but not necessarily accurate for younger men. Average age of a study participant was 77.

Researchers found that the typical treatment of testosterone-blocking drugs might have more drawbacks than benefits. The testosterone-blockers are meant to keep cancer cells from growing, but also have side effects such as bone loss, impotence, and increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. Ultimately, a treatment plan of the testosterone-blocking drugs alone, in older men, didn’t appear to be effective.

For men considering Georgia prostate cancer surgery, this study does not influence the need for curative surgery or radiation. Often the antihormone drugs can be very effective when they are paired with surgery or radiation. To maximize the effectiveness of a cancer treatment plan for Georgia men, prostate cancer might require surgery or radiation, rather than drug treatment alone.

Researchers theorized that many men felt they were improving their health by taking the drugs without surgery or radiation, because it was a better course of action than doing nothing. Now that their research has shown this to be an ineffective method of treatment by itself, the researchers hope that doctors will avoid the drug treatments except in combination with radiation and/or surgery.

For older men looking for information about Georgia prostate cancer treatment, the study offers an important topic to bring up with their doctors. While surgery and radiation can seem scary, the solution to prostate cancer doesn’t appear to be as easy as popping a pill or receiving an injection, at least for older men. For Georgia men, prostate cancer treatment might require surgery, rather than the simpler approach of a drug treatment.

With the continued research and studies being done, advances in Georgia prostate cancer treatment are continually being made. At this point in time, however, drug treatment alone doesn’t seem to be an effective method in the fight against prostate cancer.

Get Help Now For Breast Cancer Treatment in Best Cancer Care Clinics

Breast cancer is one of the biggest nightmares for women’s life as it affects mental, physical and other aspects of life. Every woman wants to look beautiful and maintains her body figure with best care. But diagnosis with this cancer may bring many fears like lose of body figure, effects of surgery, post surgery complications and side effects of drugs. According to a recent survey, breast cancer has badly affected the women worldwide especially in USA and UK due to bad food habit, beverage and awful lifestyle. It is well said that "prevention is better than cure", so a woman diagnosed with this disease may start treatment under guidance of experienced medical professionals to lead a normal life with confidence. Some facts about Breast cancer

This melanomas disease is very common in United States of America, as one in every eight women has been affected from this disease. The threat is high in white women, as it may cause due to late menopause or early menstruation. The main reason of breast cancer is due to formation of thick layers of cell or tissue in breast which may also form malignant tumor. According to women’s age and the stage, grade and size of tumor, the cancerous cells may have many types. The Breast Cancer Treatment must be start under guidance of well experienced oncologists. Breast Cancer Care and treatment

After diagnosis, a patient needs mental and physical support from family and doctors. Health care professionals may advice for various kinds of treatments according to general health condition of a patient. Treatments which are being used frequently for breast cancer are following:

Get Help Now For Breast Cancer Treatment in Best Cancer Care Clinics

• Surgery

• Radiotherapy

Get Help Now For Breast Cancer Treatment in Best Cancer Care Clinics

• Chemotherapy

• Biological Therapy

Get Help Now For Breast Cancer Treatment in Best Cancer Care Clinics

• Hormonal Balance Theory

These are the popular methods to treat this disease in an effective way. Surgery is used for primary treatment as many patients can be cured at early stage with this procedure. The main goal of surgery is to remove cancerous cells and to stop growth of malignant tumor. Radiation therapy is carried out by external or internal beam on effected tissues to stop the abnormal division of cells where as Biological or targeted therapy is used to disrupt those factors which cause the irregular or peculiar growth of cancerous cells.

Hormone therapy either stops hormones or helps in blocking their action to stop division of cells. Chemotherapy uses cytotoxic drug method to kill the cancer cells and the tumor. It can also be used as a primary treatment for metastasis. The best Cancer Care clinics may help to give patients the best care and support. The dedicated team of doctors, nurses, physicians and oncologists will advise you the best treatment option and give mental support to overcome with cancer fears. The modern tools, techniques, innovative medical equipments and world class infrastructure help doctors to treat the patient in the best possible way. Conclusion

Medical science is still discovering the easiest and accurate method for Breast Cancer Treatment, as large number of women populations are suffering from this ailment and seeking the best care and special attention. A patient diagnosed with this disease may go to world’s top hospitals for treatment.

Ebola and Its Effect on the Wildlife of Africa

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is having a devastating effect on the African wildlife as it is adversely affecting the continent’s wildlife conservation efforts. Due to the deadly disease, the tourism industry of the whole continent has suffered a major setback. For example Kenya, which is home to the "big five" animals of Africa; African Lion, African leopard, Cape buffalo, Black/White rhinoceros and the African elephant, thrives on wildlife tourism which accounts for 61% of its GDP. Kenya has some of the largest Wildlife reserves in Africa which are major tourist attractions. The Ebola outbreak zone is more than 3000 miles away from Kenya and despite the fact that there has not been a single case in the country, the wildlife tourism in Kenya has reduced significantly. This reduction in tourism is resulting in fewer conservation funds and many major wildlife parks are being forced to reduce the number of rangers patrolling the area. This has left the wildlife exposed to hunters and the cases of poaching have seen a sharp rise in recent weeks. Other African Countries are also facing the same problem.

Ebola and Its Effect on the Wildlife of Africa

According to Jake Grieves-Cook, former chairman of the Kenyan Tourism Federation, the revenue generated by the safari camps and wildlife parks is used to pay the wages of the wildlife rangers and other measures to protect the wildlife. He said that apart from the income generated from visitors, there are no funds to support conservation efforts. Mr. Jake has himself documented 10 incidents of elephant poaching ever since the Ebola epidemic started and believes that this number would continue to rise if the tourism industry does not recover.

In recent years, the feasibility of maintaining large wildlife reserves has been debated fiercely in many African countries. Many lawmakers argue that the land being used for wild life reserves can generate greater revenue for the state if it is used for agricultural purposes. The decreasing revenue from wildlife tourism is giving further credibility to their idea. Wild life conservationists such as Colin Bell fear that if this downturn in tourism continues, then the vast safaris would soon be converted to agricultural land and this will result in loss of habitat for wild animals. According to Mr. Bell, the loss of habitat will result in overcrowding and with less food and shelter, it will lead to the deaths of numerous animals.

Africa is home to many endangered species such as the mountain gorilla, African elephant and the black rhinoceros. If the conservation efforts are discontinued, then very soon numerous endangered species would become extinct.

Chemotherapy – A Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy is the general term in which many different chemical agents are used to kill or stop the growth of cancer cells and even kills cancer cells; those are in existence since a long way from the original cancer. This treatment helps to break off the process of multiplication of cells.

Injection run drugs, in a pill form or even applied on skin. Dose or duration of chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer you have, your current state of health, your medical history, area of cancer etc. Sometimes different drug combinations are also used for better result. Doctor keeps trying constantly with new combinations to improve treatment.

It is true that chemotherapy gives best and effective result but sometimes it may cause side effects, which may be temporary or permanent. Chemotherapy treatment causes to depress the immune system and patients may prone to opportunistic as well.

Most people identified with cancer are treated with chemotherapy treatment because of the effective results. Chemotherapy helps cancer patient to live and enjoy day to day life. Drugs used for the chemotherapy treatment plays different roles, some are planned to fight cancer cells while some planned to support the cancer fighting drugs.

Most of cancer drugs are planned to kill fast growing cancer cells but these drugs can’t distinguish fast growing cancer cells and other fast growing cells like blood and hair cells. However it is very effective and best choice for cancer treatment, even if it is causing some side effects. There are different medicines used for chemotherapy and the total cost of medicines depends on medication type prescribed for you.

Chemotherapy may cause various side effects like hair loss, memory loss, weight loss, bowel lining that leads to nausea and harms to healthy cells in body. However there are some drugs that help to control these side effects.

Chemotherapy patients find harder to fight the cancer cells. There is regular blood test that monitors the levels of different cells and is called as blood count. Chemotherapy affect on the energy of patient and fertility of both men and women.

Before going through chemotherapy, you must prepare yourself for chemotherapy treatment to get better result. Think that the chemotherapy is battle field for you and you have to go there with preparation that will help you to be healthy.