Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: How to Give Mom a Gift She’ll

Remember without Spending a lot

Who has the money these days for expensive flowers and candy? Great, if the cash is readily available. But if not, here are some inexpensive and thoughtful gift ideas that Mom will remember and cherish.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day:

Instead of a gift, why not give Mom a home-made coupon book filled with projects she needs done around the house? For instance, offer to mow the lawn, weed the flower bed, clean the floors, prepare a gourmet dinner, etc. Moms will appreciate the extra effort. And then, after the chores are completed, stick around and chat with Mom for a while. That will mean even more!

Take Mom on a Picnic:

It doesn’t have to be champagne and caviar. A few crackers and cheese will do just fine. Take her to a park on her special day, and spread out a blanket, open a bottle of sparkling juice, and she will be delighted! And for dessert, she would probably love home-made cookies (although they could come from a mix) or a simple fruit salad. The picnic doesn’t have to be elaborate, just well thought out.

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